What is Quality? Quality Defined

What is Quality?

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In the 35+ years since our founding, we’ve detailed the concepts of quality and SPC to a great degree. However, it’s important from time to time to remind ourselves just what is quality and why is it important.

Before we can control quality, we need to understand what the word “quality” means. Quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Each of us judges the quality of many items every day, and we each have a different idea about what quality is for each item. We know what we like or what we want, and what we don’t like or want. How we determine the quality of an item depends on both our personal preference and our frame of reference for that particular item. Read more

Kick-starting Your SPC Program – The Production Team’s Role


It is important to make your program a success by ensuring your team is educated about SPC concepts.  Another element to success is creating a culture of confidence and patience as the transition occurs within your organization. The next phase is identifying the production team’s role in implementing and making your SPC program successful long-term.

The Production Team's Role in SPC

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The Production Team’s Role.  

Your “eyes on the street”

The production team is vital to the success of the program, because they have the best view of the process. Only shop floor production workers know from personal experience the current practices and problems on the floor. Chances are they have a good sense of their equipment’s capabilities including how to tweak it to make it do what they want.

As improvements are adopted, the production team will also know they are further maximizing their time.  In actual case studies, we have found estimates that clients using the Synergy Suite are saving approximately 30% of an operator’s day due to data entry. Synergy virtually eliminates data entry errors giving your team the time to focus on other value-added activities that include refining processes that are in front of them daily.

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How SPC Software Helps Reduce Defects

Synergy SPC software engineer level showing charts, visuals, and error messages.

Synergy SPC software showing error message

Statistical Process Control (SPC) software helps companies reduce defects by enabling operators and quality personnel to spot trends that lead to defects before they occur. With instant access to data about the entire production process, operators and quality managers can view processes in real-time and take preventative action to prevent defects. This saves the company money by reducing scrap, rework and increasing user productivity. Read more