Dispelling myths can be difficult, especially when they’re believed by decision makers who affect your job performance. We’ve compiled eight SPC software myths your boss believes and the logic that can help you dispel them.  Read more

A Story: Cost vs. Value

A friend of mine was helping his son move out of the house and across the country this past weekend. As most 20 year olds do, his son “had it all figured out” and had “taken care of all the details”. “Don’t worry about it Dad, I’m an adult and can take care of myself,” he said.  

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When is the best time to reduce quality problems and make a commitment to improve quality?

Learning about quality issues after the fact is similar to asking if the batteries are working in your smoke detector after a fire. Likewise, the time to solve quality issues is before a significant safety concern or disaster happens. Once disaster strikes, you’re usually too busy putting out fires to work on prevention. Read more

Place the right tool in the hands of the right engineer

If you’re an engineer, you are trained to evaluate problems. You see ways to improve things and detest poor design. Frequently, you’re called upon to exceed where others have failed. Placing the right tools in your hands can literally change the world.  Read more