How Synergy SPC Software Improves Return-on-InvestmentGlobal companies can realize tremendous quality benefits from empowering their supply chain partners when they use Synergy 3000 SPC software from Zontec. Because corporations are operating globally, they need access to real-time SPC quality data from suppliers in remote locations before products ship to their production or distribution center. While Synergy 3000 delivers many important benefits to companies and suppliers, there is one that stands out above the rest. The ability to prevent costly errors from occurring  during production that result in waste, rework, scrap and lost time. This powerful software gives a company the ability to monitor processes from anywhere in real-time. You will have a clear understanding of the quality being produced at remote locations because you receive real-time data monitoring your quality metrics and/or real-time alerts that let you evaluate an event for further action. Synergy 3000 gives your quality and supply chain team all the information needed to make data-driven decisions.

Benefits for Suppliers When Using Synergy 3000 Web Applications

For example, for each supplier you will:

  • Enable supplier operators to prevent errors before they occur
  • Allow supplier managers to monitor processes from anywhere
  • Empower supplier managers to manage costs
  • Eliminate time and cost of supplier shipping replacement orders
  • Avoid costs incurred by delays to customer

Benefits for Manufacturers When Suppliers Use Synergy 3000 Web Applications

As a corporation, you realize a faster ROI related to your investment by:

  • Lower travel time and costs related to train and monitor supplier personnel
  • Notify supplier of out-of-specification materials before they are shipped to your location
  • Diminish time spent on incoming inspections
  • Eliminate delays in production due to out-of-specification materials
  • Decrease personnel time spent dealing with supplier issues
  • Reduce scrap, rework and product recalls
  • Quicker introduction of new products
  • Introduce complex products faster
  • Preserve comprehensive data for customer traceability documentation
  • Shorten on-the-spot conformance to requirements and quality prior to shipment
  • Retain all of suppliers data
  • Worldwide view of your entire supply chain in real-time

“Because we are acting on real Cp, Cpk values, we have a better understanding of the production process and can make the right adjustments in real-time,” said Fedele D’Alessandro. “We selected Synergy 3000, because we have one dashboard where we could see the entire quality process.”

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