Statistical process control (SPC) software from Zontec helps auto manufacturers monitor quality with OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, sub-tier and even in-house production in real time. Because it can be difficult to keep up with the steadily streaming volumes of data generated by your quality initiatives, the powerful SynergySPC product suite gives you the information and tools to analyze and solve quality problems with confidence. We help you identify trends and issues in the data so you don’t miss anything critical that could have a impact on your business. 

User-friendly SPC Software

Our easy to use SynergySPC software features give you visibility into your process at any moment. The simple configurations provide the power to automate data collection from any device and take advantage of real-time charting, monitoring and alarming. Combining the SPC software with our Synergy Multi-function toolbox, a turnkey solution to transfer real-time data from any automated measurement or vision system into SynergySPC software, gives you a flexible, simple, and easy-to-use solution that can be used by anyone. Using the Multi-function Toolbox, your can turn any automated measurement or vision system data into real-time actionable information.

Automotive Industry Statistical Process Control Software Dashboard

An automotive company imports supplier data to receive real-time status and data visibility using the powerful Zontec SPC software tools included in Synergy 2000.


Automotive Company Benefits from Synergy SPC Software

One recent successful implementation of Synergy 2000 and the Multi-function Toolbox, by a major automotive manufacturer, demonstrates the power and flexibility of Synergy SPC software. This automotive manufacturer has the challenge of continually monitoring the quality of as many as 200 features per part for multiple parts from multiple suppliers. A steady stream of data is delivered from suppliers for the manufacturer’s review. Managing and accurately accessing this volume of critical data in a time-sensitive, lean manufacturing environment is a problematic task.

Synergy solutions solve this problem for the company as data from suppliers is automatically captured, critical issues are identified, and real-time alerts are provided to designated employees. But that is not all. Individuals throughout the organization can use the Synergy 2000 dashboards to quickly access the up-to-date status of a multiple parts. Easy dashboard access allows everyone to see supporting diagrams and documentation and view, chart, and report data subsets. Identifying and communicating about quality issues is easier since anyone can view and report a variety of process and capability charts and statistics.

The Best SPC Software is Easy to Implement and Use

Since our focus is on easy-to-use, easy-to-implement software, this powerful solution required only off-the-shelf Synergy SPC components with no extras or custom programming and a few hours of on-line training. Synergy solutions require minimal configuration, so this customer was viewing supplier data within days of initial installation. Real-time information and alerts pinpoints issues and makes data actionable allowing this manufacturer to focus on critical issues and address potential problems as they occur.


Synergy 2000 SPC Software

Quality Matters!


What are Your Unique Quality Challenges?

If you have a complex or problematic quality challenge, SynergySPC software can provide a solution. Our easy-to-use and flexible suite of SPC software products is developed to meet the needs of manufacturers in a variety of quality environments, industries and levels of automation.

Talk to our experts to find out more about the SynergySPC difference. With consistent updates of features and functionalities, Zontec assures that customers have the most advanced, up to date, quality software for your investment.

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