Zontec – About Our Company

Zontec provides SPC Software for manufacturers to improve quality control

Zontec headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We develop statistical process control (SPC) software with ease-of-use as a guiding principle. Every genuine real-time SPC software product in our scalable suite of products includes a unique combination of SPC tools that are powerful and easy to use. With ease-of-use as our guide, customers achieve many benefits including, actionable data insights, long-term continuous improvement, and optimized profitability. 

We are committed to an aggressive product development schedule supported by voice of customer and technology advancements. At Zontec, we create, test, document, and support our software with internal experts. This gives us complete control over product development and allows us to release updates that focus on new features. 

Manufacturing challenges come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the quality challenges we see from manufacturing companies include, compliance, production consistency, year over year cost of goods sold (COGS) savings, real-time quality data collection and reporting, manufacturing efficiency, continuous quality improvement, process optimization, visibility into shop floor activity, and reducing waste, rework and scrap. We understand these issues. Our full suite of easy-to-use SPC software products meet the needs of companies of all sizes across a variety of manufacturing industries.

Exceeding expectations since 1983, Zontec is highly respected for its continued focus on innovation and integrating new technologies into its SPC software products. The actionable data insights received from our high-performance software helps you improve quality and achieve a meaningful ROI.

Company Milestones

  • 1984

    Software built on the empirical rules and methodology of statistical process control.

    Zontec delivers first SPC software for DOS.

  • 1985 to 2000

    A company built on innovation.

    Zontec welcomes new customers and regularly adds technology updates and new software features. Many of these new, innovative features become industry standards that are widely used today. 

    Zontec realizes that one SPC software solution will not fit the needs of all companies and creates a unique suite of SPC software products.

  • 2003

    Thought leadership

    “The Book of Statistical Process Control” is published.

  • 2003 to 2010

    Dynamic growth

    Synergy 3000, the first SPC software based on Microsoft .NET is launched. This launch completes the foundation for the Zontec product offering.  Zontec designed and created powerful, user-friendly Synergy SPC software for companies of all sizes, in any industry, anywhere in the world. 

    Industry-leading companies continue to purchase Synergy SPC software and realize incredible return on their investment.

    Zontec continues to release new features during this time period.

  • 2010 to 2016

    A global company

    Synergy 3000, a global SPC solution that integrates customer supply chain partners, earns SAP certification integration. 

    As technology changes in manufacturing facilities, Zontec adds integration tools to ensure quick and easy Synergy SPC implementation. 

    Zontec adds affiliates and customers worldwide.

  • 2017

    Multi-function Toolbox for Synergy 3000 launched

  • 2018

    Synergy 2000 v 11.0 is released and Synergy 1000+ launches

  • 2019

    Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ v 10.0 is released

A Selection of Zontec SPC Customers By Industry




Consumer Products

  • 3M Company
  • Brita Canada Inc.
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Clorox
  • ConocoPhillips
  • G E Lighting
  • Glad
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Kingsford Products
  • Rubbermaid
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Weiser Lock Corporation


Food & Beverage


  • Abbott
  • CR Bard
  • Hamilton Company
  • Intuitive Surgical Inc.
  • Karl Storz Imaging Inc.
  • MASS Precision Inc.
  • Olympus Corporation OSTA
  • Span America Medical Systems
  • Tente Casters Inc.

Machine Tools

  • Alger Manufacturing
  • Britt Manufacturing
  • Cincinnati Gear System
  • Compart Precision Component Manufacturing (Wuxi) Company Ltd.
  • Glenn Metalcraft
  • Great Lakes Castings
  • JESA (Shanghai) Company Ltd.
  • Prince Manufacturing Corporation
  • STD Precision Gear
  • Veridiam Inc.

Metal Components

Miscellaneous Industrial


  • American Packaging Corporation
  • Anchor Packaging
  • Automated Packaging Inc.
  • KIK Custom Products
  • Menshen Packaging
  • Printpack
  • Rehrig Pacific Company
  • Technocap
  • Tegrant Corporation


Zontec SPC Software Support

Zontec has highly-trained personnel in our Zontec SPC Software Support center to guide you through any challenge you are facing. The support team has an extensive background in quality assurance, engineering, computer science, and manufacturing applications to provide you with expert assistance configuring your system, networking the system, and interfacing with gaging devices.

Contact Zontec SPC Software Support

Our technical support team can be reached from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time Zone, Monday through Friday.

You may contact us via:
Voice: (513) 648-9695 ext. 206
Toll free: (866) 955-0088 ext. 206
Fax: (513) 648-0805
Email: support@zontec-spc.com


“Zontec provides a high quality of support for their applications. They have extremely quick response time to help with any technical issues we may be experiencing. In dealing with many technical support groups for various software applications that we support within our company, Zontec is definitely one of the best in customer service.”—Tim Stutzman, Oregon Freeze Dry.


When licensing our product, Zontec has your use in mind. We understand that different users, different computers will be utilizing our software. We don’t tie you down to one license key per computer. We offer a concurrent user license so that you can fully utilize your investment around the clock with various people using the software on various computers. This is how we enable you to fully leverage your investment with Zontec.

Licensing Key Drivers

Zontec uses Safenet® Sentinel hardware keys to monitor and enforce the licensing of its Zontec SPC software systems. The key tracks the number of users concurrently accessing the Synergy application, denying access when the limits of your licensing agreement are reached.

For network systems

A Sentinel key and driver must be installed on your server or network in order for the SPC software to run.

For standalone applications

The Sentinel key must be installed on the software user’s PC.
There is one exception. Synergy 100 contains its own software copy protection and does not require a Sentinel key or driver.

Obtaining drivers

Download the latest drivers from the Safenet website by clicking the link below. You’ll be prompted to download a ZIP file containing the necessary files.

Download Drivers

For your convenience, Safenet drivers are also included on your Zontec SPC software installation CD.

If you have questions, you can access the End-User Troubleshooting Guide For Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro and Sentinel Hardware Keys here.


Zontec Software Support

Christine Gauthier, and others at Multicircuits using the Synergy Product

SPC Software Training

At Zontec, we understand that training on your new Synergy Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is essential to the rapid, successful implementation and adoption within your organization. Therefore, Zontec stands ready with web-based training and on-site classroom instruction at our Cincinnati, Ohio Education Center or within your facility. We emphasize the value of education because comprehensive software training:

  • Introduces the new software and answers questions
  • Establishes user confidence
  • Increases productivity 
  • Ensures a short ramp-up period with the software
  • Promises a substantial return on your SPC investment

“The software is great, but the support and training I received is bar none.”— Chris Gauthier, Multicircuits

Synergy SPC Training Options

Web Training

Using your company’s Internet connection and phone system, you can connect with a Zontec Education Specialist for basic and practical introductory instruction on the various features and functions of your Synergy software.

To inquire about availability and pricing Phone (513) 648-9695 ext. 206, (866) 955-0088 ext. 206 or e-mail: support@zontec-spc.com.

Education Center Training

Zontec offers one-day workshops on-demand at our 8,500 sq. ft. technical campus in Cincinnati, OH. Our classroom is equipped with individual workstations and direct input devices to reinforce our “learn by doing” approach. Tuition is $1000/person and includes workshop materials and lunch.

To register Phone (513) 648-9695 ext. 206, (866) 955-0088 ext. 206 or e-mail: support@zontec-spc.com.

Customer Site Training

Zontec can also bring our education classes to your location. This option allows you to conveniently train multiple staff members with significantly reduced travel expenses. Customer site training also enables us to customize the agenda exclusively for your organization’s needs, industry focus, special interests or experience level of attendees.

To inquire about availability and pricing Phone 513.648.9695 x206, 866.955.0088 x206 or e-mail:support@zontec-spc.com.