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Enhance the scope and value of your SAP Quality Management solution with real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) software

Quality Management (QM) Adapter is Zontec’s certified integration tool for SAP the Business Suite. The interface has been designed to align with the following SAP Quality Management modules:

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Certification
  • Quality Notification
  • Quality Control

The QM Adapter creates an easy-to-use communication link between SAP systems and the Synergy 3000 Enterprise SPC software. Once the interface has been performed, SAP users can then augment their quality assurance capabilities with powerful real-time, production-floor based SPC that includes data collection, process monitoring, alarms, charting, lot traceability, analysis and reporting.

The QM Adapter provides two key functions for a manufactured product, part or process. First, it allows the user to issue a request for information from the inspection plan defined in the SAP Quality Management module. For each quality characteristic, it retrieves the specification limits (tolerances), sample size, number of decimal places, and brief description of the characteristic. The QM Adapter then builds the required Synergy 3000 SPC Data Bank and Data Tables and inserts these parameters from the SAP inspection plan into the appropriate Data Tables.

The second phase of the interface operation involves importing the existing measurement values from the SAP Quality Management Database along with date and time stamps, inspector ID tags and process alarms for out-of-control and/or out-of-specification conditions into the Synergy 3000 Database.

The Synergy 3000 SPC application is now ready to manage these SAP processes from S3K Operator, Engineer or Manager Level-users.

If the organization wishes to automate data acquisition to and from the SAP QM Database in real time, an IT programmer or system integrator can take advantage of Zontec’s S3K DLL program to customize the data transfer into and out of the Synergy 3000 application.

Add On Tools

Zontec improves quality by warning about adverse production events and eliminating waste. Unleash the “Power of Statistical Process Control (SPC)” to increase yields, run more profitable jobs, improve compliance and standardize corporate performance. Here is a listing of additional products that can round out quality process.

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SPC Software Blog

Why SynergySPC?

Why Synergy SPC Software for Manufacturers from ZontecWhy SynergySPC? Simply put, there’s NO better SPC software on the market.

Your agenda as a quality professional is crystal clear: you must produce at the highest levels of manufacturing efficiency, product conformance, waste reduction and time-to-market.

As a group, we all operate on the philosophy that quality is the most important thing.  We take cues from our predecessors in Japan whose holistic view asserted that anything of poor quality set forth negative impacts on society in general.

With so many SPC software vendors to choose from, how do you determine which company can truly deliver on its promises?

Ranked most powerful and reliable real-time SPC software in the world.

Over 5000 companies in more than 50 countries benefit from SynergySPC.

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Here are the MOST COMPELLING reasons for selecting SynergySPC:

SynergySPC is the only complete SPC

  • A full suite of SPC software to fit the needs of all size businesses.
  • The first and only true cloud SPC application offered.

SynergySPC is the only fully compliant SPC

  • Conforms to fundamental SPC rules and methodology.

SynergySPC is the most straight-forward SPC

  • Quickly defines and presents process stability & capability like no other solution.

SynergySPC is the most powerful and advanced SPC

  • Windows based/Windows functionality.
  • The only truly real-time SPC software
  • Better data collection/dissemination – Integration (Keyence, etc.)
  • Frequent updates – Responsive to technology changes and customer input.

SynergySPC is the best value in SPC software

  • Economical price, Unbelievable value
  • Easiest to use SPC; One-day training and implementation
  • Actionable results in two weeks
  • Quick wins, Quick ROI
  • Investment protection

SynergySPC is supported by the most experienced and credible source

  • Authored The Book of SPC
  • 30+ years’ experience in SPC
  • Live tech support


Zontec’s Synergy Suite of SPC software is the ONLY fully compliant SPC. Schedule a Demo.

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