The Synergy SPC Software Multiplexers Brochure

Hardware Connectivity for Fast, Accurate Automated Data Collection

There is no better way to increase Operator productivity and eliminate human data input errors than automating your processes with gaging devices and other metrology equipment integrated with your Synergy Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Zontec has the experience and the partner resources to offer the right interfacing hardware solution that is compatible with your measurement tools, your PC connection and your manufacturing application.

Zontec has been providing SPC software to industry-leading companies across the globe. Zontec is highly respected for its continued focus on innovation and for constantly integrating new technologies that help businesses address quality issues, strive for long-term continuous improvement, and maximize profitability.

Zontec offers hardware from MicroRidge and Midwest Flex Systems. A variety of models, features and prices are provided in the brochures below. We will be happy to include your order for multiplexers and gage interfaces within the same purchase requisition for our Synergy SPC software.

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