Many companies need to integrate external systems and hardware with Zontec’s Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Zontec provides these easy to integrate SPC software collection tools:

  • Synergy Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
    Regardless of the database management system involved the SynergySPC DLL 3.0 is a bi-directional communication tool that enables data to be stored on any platform where business information resides. This Dynamic Link Library supports Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000 and Synergy 3000.
  • Synergy Multi-function Toolbox 3.0
    Using the SynergySPC Multi-function Toolbox v 3.0 companies can integrate data from other systems to provide a holistic picture of your operations so you can save time, reduce human error, reduce rework, reduce scrap, make adjustments to processes before they go out-of-control, and continuously improve your processes. The Multi-function Toolbox supports Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000 and Synergy 3000.