3 Part Series: SPC Software That Provides More than ROI

More than ROI?

With multiple projects vying for your budgetary dollars, you need to scrutinize every purchase you approve. In fact, you want more than ROI .When evaluating SPC software, we believe there are three critical areas you must consider when looking at SPC software:

1. Implementation Time and Return-On-Investment (ROI)
2. Increase in Production Efficiency
3. Improvement in Corporate Profitability

In this three-part series, we will discuss each topic in more detail so you can see how these are necessary in your choice of SPC solutions. This first critical area we will cover is Implementation Time and Return-On-Investment:

Part 1 – Implementation Time and Return-On-Investment

A pdf that explains how Synergy SPC Software can be implemented in 45 minutes.SPC software today has evolved into a highly sophisticated product which smoothly integrates with your production environment. However, that does not mean your implementation time or Return-on-Investment needs to be long. There are few elegant SPC products that are designed to be easy to implement. Many SPC software companies will tell you that it takes “years” to implement an SPC software solution. How much revenue is lost each day if your implementation takes years? When looking at SPC software here are some issues related to implementation time and how to attain more than ROI you should consider.

Simplicity of the software design and setup leads to quicker employee adoption.

Our customers confirm that:

“The product is easy to use, easy to setup. The day after we bought the product, we started putting in data, “said Kim Marquis of Polymerics.

Easy to install and train all levels of users (operators, managers, and engineers).

Some SPC software vendors require up to 4 days of on-site training. As Ben Ha recently said in an article in Quality Magazine,

“Companies should ask how long it takes to train on a vendor’s software. If it takes a week [to train], to me that sounds like a very difficult product to learn.”

That has not been the experience of our customers:

“We have found the software to be easy-to-use and straightforward. Using Synergy, we are easily able to train our junior operators who do not have any SPC experience,” commented Fedele D’Alessandro of LMPsrl.

“Synergy is an easy program to use. It is easy to train. I haven’t seen an operator yet that didn’t learn how to use it quickly. The program is efficient and runs smoothly; it is quick and fast, and easy to understand,” said Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.

Personalized support throughout setup and implementation.

“Zontec provides a high quality of support for their applications. They have extremely quick response time to help with any technical issues we may be experiencing. In dealing with many technical support groups for various software applications that we support within our company, Zontec is definitely one of the best in customer service,” said Cristina Martinez of Kwikset Corp. – Spectrum Brands.

Implementing smoothly and quickly to achieve ROI faster.

Synergy has a full suite of products to fit the needs of all sized companies. Therefore each will experience a different ROI.

“With the Synergy 1000, we met our Return-On-Investment expectations,” said Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks.

“Once we implemented Synergy 2000, we immediately saw results. For us, a process that used to take a day was reduced to an hour and ½. Synergy easily paid for itself in a couple of weeks,” remarked Bob Hayes of Foam Design.

A business investment that keeps paying for itself.

”Entering the data into Synergy is much quicker than how we collected data in the past. We are saving about 13 man-hours a day that translates to $500 a day,” said Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.

“We selected Synergy because of its usability, it was cost-effective, and because of Zontec’s 100% Investment Retention program. We also liked the fact that if we decide to upgrade all our data banks and data tables will roll right into the next generation product,” remarked Brian Brooks of Domestic Fastener & Forge.


Our goal with this series is to help you see the many ways our SPC software can not only pay for itself, but also will continue to do so, as well as increase your production efficiency and help you win new business.