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Synergy SPC Software is Tailored for Your Business

Helping manufacturers take real-time process control of their SPC data with SPC Software has been our primary focus since 1983. We offer a suite of easy-to-use software programs to collect, analyze and distribute data while providing real-time manufacturing quality solutions. This robust SPC software, SynergySPC, improves product quality, reduces waste, defects and scrap while meeting strict compliance requirements. 

The easy-to-use SPC control charts let you collect and view real-time quality data, quickly generate and communicate reports, query data samples and take corrective actions that boost product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

We offer unique solutions whether you have one manufacturing facility or are a global enterprise and want to include your supply chain partners.

We are happy to demonstrate how you can achieve cost savings through the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.


  • 100% compliant with all SPC rules and methodologies
  • Real-time SPC data updates with each observation
  • Real-time automatic alerts and alarms
  • Data instantly and automatically saved
  • Interactive SPC control charts
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Learn to use in 1 day
  • Easy to use for all
  • Multiple data entry methods available
  • Easily export data to reports, documents, and email
  • Quickly defines process stability and capability
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Affordable
  • Customizable product solutions
  • Live, in-house tech support

Get the Research

Not all SPC software is created equal. In an industry where accuracy matters, Zontec makes the only SPC software that’s 100% compliant with the rules and methodologies of SPC.

From writing The Book of Statistical Process Control to whitepapers and customer success stories, Zontec has knowledgeable subject matter experts and a comprehensive resource library available to assist those wanting to know why SPC software helps you gain control of your manufacturing processes and control costs. When you are ready, request a live DEMO where we will answer your questions and show you how this easy-to-use SPC software will reduce operator man-hours, empower managers with actionable data and improve profits that get the attention of senior leadership.

Get started by viewing or downloading one of our resource materials today.



The Zontec Partnership

While our SPC software is robust and rich with features and benefits, Zontec recognizes that when you have a question or need support we are here to help minimize the impact to your business. The Zontec technical support team has extensive background in quality assurance, engineering, computer science and manufacturing to provide you with expert assistance in using the Synergy SPC software, as well as configuring, interfacing and networking your system.