Many company want to eliminate receiving materials from their suppliers that are not within the approved specifications. They use Synergy SPC Software to enable the suppliers to enter their SPC data remotely and monitor their processes in real-time so that they only product to the shop floor that are with the approved specifications.


Cloud Computing in Manufacturing is Now a Necessity


Most of us are probably familiar with the early days of cloud computing.  Nudged by endless advertising on AM radio or website ads, the first services that many of us adopted both personally and professionally were the services that promised the backup and protection of our data such as Google Drive, Carbonite, Dropbox, and Mozy among others.

Distribution Facility cloud computing in manufacturing

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Fast forward to today and consider cloud computing in manufacturing.  We see that the majority of the workloads are now on the cloud versus the traditional in-house IT space.  A staggering 82% of companies surveyed in a recent study saved money moving to the cloud.

Our peers are certainly adopting cloud computing or SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for their business so it is fitting to ask ourselves, “how can my business/department benefit from a cloud-based solution?” Read more

Manufacturers Control the Supply Chain with Real-Time SPC Software Supplier Data

Manager and supplier discussing current shipment that within specification.The “Global State of Quality Research, Analysis, Trends, and Opportunities 2013”, conducted by American Society for Quality (ASQ), American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), and the Advisory Panel found that, ”supplier quality management is another hot topic for quality managers. Many organizations are finding that products and services are sub-optimized by the quality programs (or lack thereof) of suppliers and sub-suppliers (suppliers to suppliers).”

With real-time SPC software, companies are able to determine  SPC software supplier data  before it reaches the production floor. Suppliers are equipped with the ability to enter and monitor real-time data in the enterprise-wide SPC system regardless of their location. Monitoring and taking preventative actions at all locations including suppliers ensures a company delivers its products on-time and within budget.

  • “Now, when we see a supplier’s process is trending towards an out-of-control state, we immediately communicate with them to bring the situation back under control. We have reduced defects from our suppliers to nearly zero and reduced customer defects to less than 1%,” commented Dan Heimann of MASS Precision.
  • “Because everything is in real-time, I can go into their [sister location] files, chart it and see for myself how they are running,” remarked Heidi Beaver of Portage Plastics Corporation.
  • “In 2012, we began to use the Web Operator and the Web Manager applications with our sister companies in China and Bulgaria as well as with our main suppliers. We selected Synergy, because we knew we would have one dashboard where we could see the entire quality process,” said Fedele D’Alessandro of LMPsrl.

To compete in today’s market, you need a SPC software system that provides real-time access to SPC data from other facilities and suppliers anywhere in world.