Achieving Quality Requires Action AND a Plan

Most organizations would say that producing quality products is one of their goals, in the same way that most basketball teams would say that scoring a lot of points is one of their goals. In both situations, achieving the goal helps you win, but there are so many different ways to achieve it that you need a plan. So, how do you do it?  Read more

“What’s your product quality like?”

A prospective customer wants to make a product. They walk in with a design and ask three different manufacturers, “What’s your product quality like?” The manufacturers respond:

Manufacturer 1: “It’s good. It’s really, really good.”

Manufacturer 2: “We’re proudly certified to ISO 9001:2015.”

Manufacturer 3: “We recently manufactured a product very similar to the one you are looking to get made. 99.99% of the finished product fell within tolerances and the largest distribution of quality was centered at the designed optimum. If you’d like to see the data, I’d be happy to pull any of it up for you right now.”

Which one do you think would get the work?

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8 myths about SPC software your boss believes (and how to dispel them)

Is there anything more frustrating than a commonly believed myth? Dispelling myths can be difficult, especially when they’re believed by decision makers who affect your ability to do your job. Below are some of the top SPC software myths that your boss believes and the logic that can help you dispel them. 

1. Quality is the engineer’s job. Why do we need SPC software to fix/maintain our quality?

Producing quality requires SPC Software

There is no better place to start than here. Without a doubt, when we speak to engineers who

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Upgrading For Industry 4.0 Has Never Been Easier

The Future is Now

Zontec adds Keyence Interface Module to updated Multi-function Toolbox Version 3.0

If you read any industry publications at all, you’re constantly hearing about Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Previously separate devices, factories and people are constantly being integrated and are now communicating with each other. Technology is making tasks that used to take hours now take mere seconds, and the manufacturing industry is keeping pace.

Zontec’s Multi-Function toolbox takes that concept to the next level.

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What’s the value of piece of mind?

A Story: Cost vs. Value

A friend of mine was helping his son move out of the house and across the country this past weekend. As most 20 year olds do, his son “had it all figured out” and had “taken care of all the details”. “Don’t worry about it Dad, I’m an adult and can take care of myself,” he said.  


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