The Zontec Synergy Software Product Suite offers manufacturers of all sizes an array of statistical process control (SPC) software choices to fit your needs. Regardless of your size, SynergySPC helps you discover ways to reduce scrap, reduce rework, and enhance productivity. SynergySPC gathers, stores and organizes data that is quickly converted into graphs and control charts used in corrective actions and reducing process variation. Is (SPC) software right for your organization?

Synergy 100 – Powerful Yet Affordable

Designed for the single user, Synergy 100 means you can immediately begin realizing the benefits of SPC. This easy program gives you automated, real-time SPC in minutes. It is easy to create files, utilize gage connectivity, enter data, query samples, and generate reports and SPC control charts. You’ll get instant feedback from the color-coded alarms and pop-up warnings for confident decisions and immediate corrective actions. Also available in the cloud – Synergy 100 Cloud.

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Synergy 1000 – Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Real-Time

For a small to mid-size manufacturer, Synergy 1000 allows you to automate, monitor and produce reports analyzing the SPC data you are already collect adding the ability to manage it in real-time in a standalone or network implementation. With one level of access for all users, Synergy 1000 SPC software manages data collection, process control charting, monitoring, analysis, alerts, communication and reporting from a single screen. This program requires very little training to create data files, enter data, view control charts, query samples, and generate reports as fast as you can click a mouse. Synergy 1000 delivers blazing fast performance so your manufacturing team can operate cooperatively making quality a proactive part of your business. Also available in the cloud – Synergy 1000 Cloud.

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“Our expected Return On Investment (ROI) for purchasing Synergy 1000 was $16,000,” said Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks. “We met our expectations.”

Synergy 2000 – Company-wide Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Business Intelligence

Synergy 2000 SPC Software Image - Synergy SPC Software Product SuiteCompanies seeking real-time SPC software with different access levels and role-dependent features in an SPC focused Quality Management System will benefit from our flagship product, Synergy 2000. Quality Engineers can visualize, query data subsets, analyze, improve, control, and share process stability and capability company-wide with this robust, fast SPC software.

Regardless of your technical knowledge, this software is designed for multiple types of users; operators, managers, and engineers. This software has impressive speed, real-time alerts, and professional, easy-to-read control charts that put complex statistical information in front of the right people for corrective action that will improve and control manufacturing processes. The control charts produced are color-coded, providing instant feedback to be understood at a glance. If a process begins to go out-of-control or out-of-specification, instant email notifications are triggered to notify the appropriate personnel to take corrective action.

“Now that we have the analysis in a user friendly format, we are using Synergy as our communication tool. By viewing a capability chart, everyone can immediately tell how things are going” said April Lusk, of Trident Precision Manufacturing.

Synergy 3000 – Corporate-Wide Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software That Allows You to Manage Facilities and Suppliers Globally

Synergy 3000 SPC Software logo - Synergy SPC Software Product SuiteSynergy 3000 is designed for the global manufacturer who wants to unite their internal production resources, OEMs, sub-tier suppliers, and vendors into a centralized performance-driven improvement team. Developed entirely using Microsoft’s revolutionary .NET™ computing platform, you have the choice of deployment over traditional Windows networks or in combination with secure Web connections and mobile devices in a cloud computing environment. Synergy 3000 carries on Zontec’s longstanding tradition for high performance in fast-paced production environments with its responsive data collection, charting, enterprise-wide monitoring, query, lot traceability, analytical, reporting, Six Sigma problem-solving and decision-support capabilities.

“We can have operators enter data in the plants across the globe, while engineers and managers can monitor the data anywhere in the world,” said Don Bartlett of Grakon.

Regardless of your company size, Synergy software will reduce scrap, reduce rework, and enhance productivity. Synergy gathers and organizes valuable production information for future decisions.

As you grow, upgrades are easy with the Zontec Investment Retention Program.