Screen showing Zontec's Synergy 1000 SPC Software Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Real-Time

For a smaller or a mid-size manufacturer, the Synergy 1000™ version 9.0 SPC software allows you to take the data you are already collecting, and utilize it in real-time in a standalone or network implementation. Synergy 1000 is SPC software that combines data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication, and reporting—all functions from a single screen.

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You can create files, enter data, create charts, query samples, and generate reports as fast as you can click a mouse. Synergy 1000 delivers blazing fast performance so your manufacturing team can instantly operate cooperatively making quality a proactive part of your business.

Synergy 1000 is logically designed with templates for rapid implementation. You can also customize your screen for multiple data entry methods. When it comes to sophisticated SPC calculations, Zontec wrote the book and built it in Synergy 1000. Standard with Synergy 1000 is a wide variety of charts and reports all available at the click of a mouse.

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Facilitating instant communication, Synergy 1000 is designed so that all this information can be viewed, previewed, printed, queued or emailed to the appropriate person. This provides for immediate communication and a reduction in errors.

The Synergy 1000 enables you to begin to monitor your business in real-time. While you are working to reduce scrap, to reduce rework, and to enhance user productivity, you can also be gathering valuable production information for future decisions. The Synergy 1000 helps you orchestrate your business, now and for the future.

“Our expected Return On Investment (ROI) for purchasing Synergy 1000 was $16,000,” said Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks. “We met our expectations.”

Synergy 2000 can give you a clear indication of process capability and stability in just two weeks.  

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