SynergySPC Software Support

Zontec has highly-trained personnel in our SynergySPC Software Support center to guide you through any challenge you are facing. The support team has an extensive background in quality assurance, engineering, computer science, and manufacturing applications to provide you with expert assistance configuring your system, networking the system, and interfacing with gaging devices.

Our technical support team can be reached from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern Time Zone, Monday through Friday.

You may contact us via:
Voice: (513) 648-9695 ext. 206
Toll free: (866) 955-0088 ext. 206
Fax: (513) 648-0805


“Zontec provides a high quality of support for their applications. They have extremely quick response time to help with any technical issues we may be experiencing. In dealing with many technical support groups for various software applications that we support within our company, Zontec is definitely one of the best in customer service.”—Tim Stutzman, Oregon Freeze Dry.


When licensing our product, Zontec has your use in mind. We understand that different users, different computers will be utilizing our software. We don’t tie you down to one license key per computer. We offer a concurrent user license so that you can fully utilize your investment around the clock with various people using the software on various computers. This is just another way we enable you to fully leverage your investment with Zontec.

Licensing Key Drivers

Zontec uses Safenet® Sentinel hardware keys to monitor and enforce the licensing of its SynergySPC software systems. The key tracks the number of users concurrently accessing the Synergy application, denying access when the limits of your licensing agreement are reached.

For network systems

A Sentinel key and driver must be installed on your server or network in order for the SPC software to run.

For standalone applications

The Sentinel key must be installed on the software user’s PC. (EXCEPTION: Synergy 100 contains its own software copy protection and does not require a Sentinel key or driver).

Obtaining drivers

Download the latest drivers from the Safenet website by clicking the link below. You’ll be prompted to download a ZIP file containing the necessary files.

Download Drivers

Safenet drivers are also included on your SynergySPC software installation CD.

If you are having issues, you can access the End-User Troubleshooting Guide For Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro and Sentinel Hardware Keys here.