Separating From the Pack: Bright Plastics utilizes Synergy SPC software to further differentiate itself in the marketplace.
November 2014 – Quality Magazine
Bright Plastics

Fastco Case Study: Cost of Poor Quality As a Percent of Sales
October 2014 – Quality Digest
Fastco Industries

“SPC Software: A Quality Manager’s Dream?”
December 2012 – website
Carlisle & Finch Co.

Spirol Fine-Tunes its Processes With SPC Software
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Using Statistical Process Control to Manage Your Suppliers
July 2012 –
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Software enhances operations at Oregon Freeze Dry
July 2012 – Packaging Digest
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SPC Software as a Selling Point: Operator-friendly software system allows SPC to be run in real time, streamlining company’s processes and making more decisions-making  more
June 2012 – Fastener Technology International
-Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc. (DFFI)

Quality Assurance Gains on the Manufacturing Floor: Zontec’s SPC Software Increases Productivity for Gear Manufacturer

March & April 2012 – Gear Technology
-United Gear & Assembly

PC Software Speeds Data Collection, Business Growth
February 2012 – Assembly Magazine
-United Gear & Assembly

Case Study: Software Brings New Business
January 2012 – Quality Magazine
-United Gear & Assembly

MASS Precision Uses Synergy to Manage Supplier Precision
November 2011 – Quality Magazine
MASS Precision