Synergy Product Suite

Zontec is unique in the industry by offering a full suite of Statistical Process Control (SPC) products to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. Which product is right for you?

Synergy 100 – Powerful Yet Affordable

Synergy 100 SPC Software logoDesigned for the single user, Synergy 100 means you can immediately begin realizing the benefits of SPC. Synergy 100 means you can can setup the program, create files, utilize gage connectivity, enter data, create charts, query samples, and generate reports in minutes. You’ll get instant feedback from the color-coded alarms and pop-up warnings for confident decisions and immediate corrective actions.

Synergy 1000 – Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Real-Time

Synergy 1000 SPC Software logoFor a smaller or a mid-size manufacturer, Synergy 1000 allows you to take the SPC data you are already collecting, and utilize it in real-time in a standalone or network implementation. Synergy 1000 is SPC software that combines data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication and reporting—all functions from a single screen. You can create files, enter data, create charts, query samples, and generate reports as fast as you can click a mouse.

Synergy 2000 – Company-wide Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Business Intelligence

Synergy 2000 SPC Software ImageSynergy 2000 provides companies an instant 360 degree view of SPC information about their business processes. From implementation in minutes, to one click chart navigation, to the immediate company-wide notifications, customers know that this quality software will present complex SPC information in a real-time, an easy-to-use manner designed for multiple types of users; ie. operators, managers, and engineers.The charts produced are color coded, providing instant feedback to be understood at a glance, regardless of your technical knowledge. If a process begins to go out-of-control or out-of-specification, instant email notifications are triggered to notify the appropriate personnel to take corrective action.

Synergy 3000 – Global Statistical Process Control (SPC) over Windows and the Web

Synergy 3000 SPC Software logoZontec also recognizes that managing global locations and supplier quality are today’s most critical business challenges. A company’s financial success depends on the power of collaborating, interconnected and integrated processes. Synergy 3000 allows manufacturers to unite their internal production resources, OEMs, sub-tier suppliers and material vendors into a centralized performance-driven improvement team.

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