Zontec Reference Book Explains the ABCs of Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Book of Statistical Process Control

“An excellent primer for understanding how SPC can be used to identify, reduce and control variation within processes.”

–George Kloos, DRT Mfg Co.





This popular book provides a practical and un-intimidating view of the fundamentals of SPC. Written for the non-statistician, it draws on many easy-to-understand examples as it presents the various techniques and step-by-step calculations involved in SPC methodology. Each chapter is packed full of charts, tables and diagrams that enhance overall comprehension of SPC. Anyone from the plant floor to the boardroom will appreciate this straightforward treatment of SPC as an important competitive resource.

“I found it to be well written for those who may not have a background in probability and statistics.”

–John S. Usher, Phd, University of Louisville Department of Industrial Engineering

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  • $34.95 USD plus shipping & handling
  • Second Edition
  • 208 pages
  • 82 illustrations
  • 6″ x 9″ softcover
  • ISBN: 978-0-9720994-1-7
  • ©The Zontec Press 2010


  • Intro to SPC thinking
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Data collection & recording
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • General control charting concepts
  • Variable control charts
  • Process capability studies
  • Control chart analysis
  • Measurement errors
  • Control charts for non-conforming attributes & non-conformities
  • Charts for special applications
  • Automating data collection & deploying SPC globally
  • Getting your SPC program off the ground

More Reviews

“I recommend this book to plants where I have projects around the world…. It is very informative, well organized with plenty of basic and well explained concepts.”

–Antonio Martinez, Sr. Engineer, Kraft Foods Germany

“What a reference. The examples are easily understood and simple to follow.”

–Mary Perret, Bell Helicopter Tiltrotor Operations