Your agenda as a quality professional is crystal clear: you must produce at the highest levels of manufacturing efficiency, product conformance, waste reduction and time-to-market. With so many Statistical Process Control (SPC) software vendors to choose from, how do you determine which company can truly deliver on its promises?

For those evaluating SPC software, here are five reasons for selecting Zontec:Benefits of Synergy Software

Full Suite of SPC Software – Zontec recognizes that quality is by no means a “one-size-fits all” endeavor. Therefore we have created the industry’s only complete family of SPC software with products to fit all types of companies. The Synergy 100™ is for the entry-level or occasional SPC user; the Synergy 1000™ is for the basic standalone or small workgroup community; the Synergy 2000™ is for enterprise-wide quality management; and the Synergy 3000™ is for database-intensive global implementation spanning Windows and the Web.

One Day Training & Implementation – Implementation downtime can cost the company money. Therefore, a rapid startup is critical to your success. Because of our easy to use and easy to maintain user interface, users become confident and productive in as fast as a day’s time. Therefore, a Synergy SPC rollout can be accomplished in hours – not weeks or months, meaning you can get back to production quicker and begin making process improvements almost immediately, saving you money.

Growth – At Zontec, we understand that in addition to cutting production man-hours, reducing rejects, reducing rework, and constantly improving your processes, you need to generate new business. With Synergy software, you have worldwide access to your data. Whether you are in the office with an auditor or at a customer site, all the real-time information is at your figure tips. You can show to management, customers or suppliers how your production line is currently working or a history of its performance in the past. You can predict if your production line is capable of making a new product or not. This translates into money to your bottom line.

Cutting Edge of Technology – With over 25+ years of experience in computerized SPC software, we have been pioneering many capabilities such as cloud computing technologies, real-time control charting, universal gage interfacing and networked quality monitoring dashboards that are industry standards today. In fact in 2006, we became the first and remain the only SPC software developer to launch a complete product on Microsoft’s revolutionary .NET™ programming technology which establishes the blueprint for highly collaborative, future-ready software applications. Our recent iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices compatibility is another demonstration of our commitment to bringing evolving technology to you. Zontec-inspired designs and executions are often imitated by the competition, but never successfully carried out.

Investment Protection – At Zontec, we take the risk out of choosing SPC software. We believe software should grow with your business. When you purchase the product, a 30-day return policy is in place. Zontec recommends that you start out small and learn the product and its capabilities. Once you become familiar with the product and you wish to upgrade to a more sophisticated system, we’ll credit your original purchase price to the upgrade.

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