What is SPC?

In today’s competitive environment, the quality of the products you produce affects your competitiveness. During the manufacturing process, variations can occur at anytime and are often hard to accurately predict. Variations typically result in increased cost of production because of excessive waste and lost man-hours due to re-work or scrap.  

Statisticians have developed a method to monitor and control the processes involved in production to drastically reduce these problems and keep your profitability and quality high. This method is known as Statistical Process Control, or SPC. While SPC involves highly complex calculations, data analysis methods, and reports, it allows you to make sure that your processes are:

  • stable (you’re able to consistently produce the same results)
  • capable (they meet the design specifications)
This is an picture of a capability chart showing how close to Six Sigma the data is.

This is a capability chart. It shows how close to Six Sigma the data is.

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What is SPC Software?

A picture of Synergy SPC software showing various charts, visuals and an out-of-control message.

Synergy SPC software allows users various ways to proactively monitor the production process.

SPC software drastically reduces the complexity of SPC so you can find and eliminate variations in both the stability and capability of your production processes ASAP without needing a degree in statistics. It simplifies the entire process of SPC for all levels of the production line to ensure that you get the best insight into the accuracy and leanness of your manufacturing processes. It can remove the guesswork involved in improving your stability and capability AND it can do it all in real-time.  This means you’re able to make course corrections at the exact minute and location of any variations.  

Manually gathering data can be time-consuming. However, using real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software, you can automate the data collection process.

“With Synergy 2000, operators take the measurements and push a button and the data is saved and available for review instantly,” said Bob Hyland, Process Engineer, for Acme Aerospace.

SPC software enables a company to prevent defects before they occur. SPC software results in savings for the company by:

  • Reducing scrap
  • Reducing rework
  • Increasing user productivity
  • Efficiently managing the lifecycle of your machines
  • Developing new products with existing equipment


Good vs. Great SPC software

When done well, great SPC software should be:

  • Real-time, allowing you to see the need for corrections in processes as soon as possible
  • Easy for all members of your manufacturing process to use (operator, manager, and engineer)
  • Tailored to you and your needs

Any good SPC can meet the first two needs. When it comes to being tailored to meet your needs though, there is no question that only Zontec’s SynergySPC products meet the third need.

SPC software also benefits quality personnel, engineering, and management staff by providing them instant insight into production.

“Using the Synergy 1000 SPC software is a lot more user friendly, because you can run SPC in real-time. Now if anything goes out-of-specification, I get an email notification at my desk instead of having to physically be on the shop floor. In the past, we wouldn’t know if we were trending towards being out-of-control or not,” said Brian Brooks, VP of Operations for Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc. (DFFI).


The Right Tool For the Job

With our SynergySPC suite of products, we are the only SPC software company that has an option for every customer. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We believe that each manufacturer has different needs when it comes to SPC software and it would be unethical to sell you a product that’s either more or less than you need. If we just had one product to offer you, you would either be:

  • paying way too much for your SPC software (because you’re buying a more complex system than you need)


  • wasting your money (because you’re purchasing a system that’s less complex than you need)

We don’t believe it’s right to sell you a chainsaw to cut butter and we also don’t believe it’s right to sell you a butter knife when you need to carve a turkey. We believe in giving you the right tool for the job.  


Investment Retention Program

Satisfying your needs as a customer means we stay with you beyond the initial sale. In addition to offering all of the free support you’ll ever need, if you ever outgrow the product you’re using, you’re always able to make the switch to a higher level SynergySPC product without losing a single dollar of your original purchase. Our Investment Retention Program discounts the cost of any switch you make to a higher level SynergySPC product by your original purchase price. No need to shop for a new system, and no need to run a cost analysis on switching to a bigger system vs. sticking with the current one.  

Our Guarantee

You know quality and process improvement are critical. In as little as TWO WEEKS, our SPC software can give you a clear picture of the stability and capability of your processes and show you where improvements can be made. Guaranteed!
When shopping for an SPC software system, please make sure to consider your future needs so you’ll never have to shop for a new system again. We make the implementation and day-to-day use simple and easy but most importantly, we will help you assess which Zontec SynergySPC software product is right for you. We offer the only SPC software solution that is real-time, easy to use, and only as complex as you need it to be. Check out the Synergy Product Suite then schedule a demo to learn which of our full-line of SPC solutions would best fit your business.