Synergy SPC Software Works With Off-line Statistical Analysis Software for Example:

Statgraphics® Centurion

For the company who wants to supplement the real-time production-based capabilities of Synergy 1000/2000/3000, Statistical Analysis Software like Statgraphics Centurion provides advanced off-line desktop analyses which fall outside the realm of traditional Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

Some of the Statgraphics Centurion Features:

  • Full complement of statistical tools for Six Sigma including Six Sigma Calculator
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Hypothesis testing, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression analysis
  • Reliability and life data analysis
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Advanced statistical model building
  • Outlier detection, non-normal data analysis
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Matrix
  • Cost-of-Quality Trend Analysis
  • Attribute Gage Studies
  • Multivariate Capability Analysis
  • Capability Analysis for Attributes
  • Negative Binomial Regression
  • StatLink™ polling of database at pre-defined intervals
  • Automatic HTML publishing for enterprise-wide reports
  • And more

Designed for both product development and quality improvement, Statgraphics Centurion contains more than 150 statistical procedures covering a fully array of methods from summary statistics to design of experiments. All features are completely menu-driven, and there are dedicated tools such as StatWizard™ and StatAdvisor™ to help you use the program more effectively so that a statistical degree isn’t required.

Statistical Analysis Software interfaces with Zontec SPC Software

Zontec SPC software includes an interface command to quickly and easily transfer data into Statgraphics Centurion by date range, time range and user-defined number of recent samples.

With the combination of Zontec SPC software programs and Statgraphics technologies, your quality program covers all the bases.

System Requirements to get started

  • Pentium® or equivalent PC
  • 64MB RAM minimum
  • Windows® 98, 2000, NT 4.0 or XP
  • 65MB minimum hard drive storage
  • CD-ROM drive