Can SPC Software Help Be Proactive in Your Auditing?

A picture of an automatic Certificate of Analysis Report from Synergy SPC Software.Whether it be a customer audit or a regulatory audit, each audit is unique. Preparation is the key to a successful audit:

  • Documented processes in place
  • Historical data to verify that your processes are in-control or in-specification
  • Worksheets or visual aids to train your operators properly
  • Appropriate procedures to follow if something is out-of-control or out-of-specification

You prepare in advance as much as you can but invariably the auditor will ask that one question. Do you have data on? You need to make sure you have the answer. With an Enterprise Quality Management System, you do have the answer. All you need to do is click on the appropriate information and provide the answer. What’s more, you can enable the auditor to view the data himself or herself from the computer. Sound impossible?

“We are able to show our customers in real-time that their product is ‘in control’. We bring every customer to a Statistical Process Control (SPC) station where they can view the data live. Without Synergy SPC software, we wouldn’t be able to do that. I use Synergy SPC software to demonstrate that our processes are in control,” said Mike Woznicki of SPIROL International.

How often are you being audited? How much time do you spend in preparation for these audits? Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared in advance?

“When the QARs (Quality Assurance Representatives) come to inspect us, I have all the information they need prepared in packets for them,” said Bob Batsche of Carlisle & Finch Co.

Auditors are big on details. But with an Enterprise Quality Management System, you can provide your auditors and your customers with more detail.

“We’re more accurate in our data we provide to our customers. We can provide them lot numbers, batch numbers, operator numbers, and shift numbers, etc. The histograms we give them now have a lot more information on them,” said Kim Marquis of Polymerics.

Auditing is a necessary part of the production process. But with the right solution, you can turn an onerous task into a manageable one.