MASS Precision in the July Issue of about using SPC Software for Supplier Management

MASS Precision using Synergy 2000 SPC software on the production floor.

MASS Precision using Zontec’s Synergy 2000 SPC software on the production floor.

Dan Heimann, Quality Manager for MASS Precision,  wrote an article for the July issue of The article is called, “Using Statistical Process Control to Manage Your Suppliers”. MASS Precision uses Zontec’s Synergy 2000 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

In the article Heimann talks about how they use the Synergy SPC software to manage their suppliers:

“Our goal was not just to improve the quality we received from our suppliers. We also wanted to improve our relationship with them. Synergy 2000 software gave us … the definitive measurements, in real-time, to improve quality from our suppliers. Being able to reliably collect data facilitates communication between MASS and its supplier base.”

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