Can SPC Software Help You Reduce Your Downtime?

According to Penton Research, the average production facility experiences 3.6 incidents of downtime a year costing an average of $18,000. This can involve labor costs, scrap, and any related equipment repair costs.

Portage Plastics using the Synergy 2000 SPC software on the production floor.

Portage Plastics using the Synergy 2000 on the production floor.

How many of those downtime events affect quality issues? How many times do you have to stop production, sort the product, figure out what happened, and repair the machine to begin production again? How much profit and individual productivity is lost during those times? What is this costing your business?

“Previously, Portage Plastic Corporation (PPC) would have to pull the product, sort the product, figure out what happened, pay 3 days of overtime, as well as repair the machine,” said Heidi Beaver, Quality Technician for PPC. “Since using SynergySPC from Zontec, our product return rate has dropped to less than half of a percent of what we are currently shipping.”

Downtime issues causing a disruption in your productivity? Give SynergySPC 2 weeks and you’ll gain a better understanding of the connection between downtime and the stability and capability of your processes.

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Another consideration with regards to what statistical process control (SPC) software solution you select is whether or not you have the data to monitor the lifecyle of your equipment to avoid equipment failures.

“Because we use SynergySPC software, United Gear and Assembly has the ability to effectively manage the lifecycle of its tools. Through the use of Run Charts and other Synergy tools we can determine tool life and predict how many parts can run before needing to make adjustments or change out the tool. We can budget our tool life management more accurately and effectively based on this data,” said Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality, at United Gear and Assembly.

Production downtime is always expensive. But, if you can use data you are collecting to minimize downtime as much as possible, this only increases your profits and benefits your business.