Using SPC Software Data As a Tool for Process Improvement

by Danei Edelen

In today’s corporate environment, information means the difference between profitability and losing business. In the manufacturing industry, you are worried about reducing scrap, reducing rework, increasing user productivity, and gaining knowledge about your production history.

Where does this data come from? From your quality data. Your Statistical Process Control (SPC) software data is your warehouse of information related to how to monitor your production company-wide, to ensure your processes are operating optimally, to increase the productivity of your personnel, to manage the lifecycle of your machines, and to leverage your existing equipment to produce new products.

SPC software data provides you insights into your people, your processes, and your products that uncover areas to where your company excels, where your processes need to improve, and, based on past performance, where your company can pursue new business opportunities. This is the data you need to fine-tune your business now and for the future.

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