Economic Outlook for Companies That Use SPC Software to Achieve Quality

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, two Cincinnati economists gave a very informative discussion about the economy at the 12th annual Economic Forecast hosted by Cincinnati ASQ and three other organizations. Dick Stevie of Duke Energy is calling for the U.S. economy to grow at a rate of 2.4 percent, with a 1.4 percent increase in jobs and an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent. One bright spot in the local economic picture is the rise of manufacturing.

What does this mean for those in Quality? With the workload of Quality Managers these days being “very busy” the outlook looks positive. At Zontec, we are just coming off one of our best years in our history. Although growth may be slow, we believe that companies will continue to look at ways to drive down costs and increase revenue.

Acme Aerospace is using Synergy SPC software to automatically record measurements.

Acme Aerospace is using Synergy SPC software to record measurements.

“Recently, we’ve taken a lot of huge orders and our business is growing. We have doubled the volumes we put out. With Synergy 2000, we are able to take on more business without losing any efficiency in data collections,” said Bob Hyland of Acme Aerospace.

Because our Statistical Process Control (SPC) software enables companies to reduce scrap, reduce rework, increase user productivity, and leverage existing equipment for new business, we believe that quality software will continue to be seen as a means to enhance corporate productivity. More than ever, companies are looking at ways utilize SPC software to increase efficiency. Because this is what we do, the future looks promising.

Contributed by: Danei Edelen