What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is more than just a process or department that ensures your products meet your customers’ requirements. It is a philosophy, a mindset shared between the corner office and the shop floor to achieve excellence. Quality standards enmeshed into the fabric of your company’s culture, as a combined effort to achieve Six Sigma goals. Striving to reach excellent quality with zero defects involves cutting-edge technology and fine tuning. This not only involves steps to ensure you produce a quality product, but also provides a proactive approach that gives you the foresight to predict trends.

This is a screen shot of the Synergy SPC Software Manager Level viewing all the processes in real-time.

Synergy SPC Software Manager Level to View All the Processes in Real-Time

Quality assurance is focused on manufacturing a precise product. There are several tools available to assist in reaching such standards. Statistical process control (SPC) software, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing are implemented to eliminate scrap, reduce rework and optimize personnel’s times. In addition, quality assurance enables you to take on new business and produce new products without the risk of losing efficiency.

Contributed by Danei Edelen