Zontec Releases Synergy 3000 v 3.1 to Enable Customers to Save Time and Money

Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced an update to its Synergy 3000™ for its customers worldwide. “Zontec customers know that they consistently receive new enhancements from us that enable them to make production corrections easily and in a timely manner,” said Zontec President Warren Ha. “We are just leveraging the possibilities of this product because it is built on Microsoft® .NET™.

Here is a brief list of these cutting-edge Synergy 3000 features:

  • A new Scorecard report that enables a user to instantly get a snapshot of their vital production metrics for up to 6 characteristics.
  • Any videos related to the production can now be viewed within the application.
  • Users now have the ability to define an often-referenced file as a “hyperlink” for one-click access to documents, images, websites or other software applications that are pertain to the product.
  • To view more information about a specific data point, users can simply rollover it with their mouse.


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